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Paradise Lost By Milton Essays (535 words) - Abrahamic Mythology

Paradise Lost By Milton Paradise Lost, reaches out and pulls in references and allusions to other literary works, making it Milton's most influential piece of literary work. The writing echoes primary epic and the epic's elevated language of describing people and events in great detail and in super realistic terms. Primary epic often uses nature as a simile, as with the line, "Thick with autumnal leaves that strew the brook."(303). This line portrays an image of thousands of dead, brown, wet, and muddy leaves, which add more depth to the portrait of the fallen angels described in the passages from lines 299-313. To assert this description further, Milton uses references to specific places to affirm and reinforce the grand stature of the characters to whom he is referring. For example, the demons are, "High over-arched embower; or scattered sedge / Afloat, when with fierce winds Orion armed / Hath vexed the Red Sea coast," (304-06). Orion armed is associated with seasonal storms and The Red Sea in Hebrew is called The sea of sedge. These two images when combined, add a fierce and grimy portrait of these fiends. They seem to be hovering, and waiting for the right moment to generate chaos in the world G-d has thrown them down to. Milton has, in this passage, begun the process of characterization of these demons. He endows Satan with heroic qualities and his cohorts emerge as militant followers of a stately, yet ominous leader. Although Satan has heroic qualities and his angels are portrayed as evil warriors, Milton often has these rebellious angels remember what they have lost and given up. This helps to express the nature of their evil. Each demon is aware of their condition and their transgression from Heaven to Hell and they are, "Under amazement of their hideous change." (313). The main theme of the poem as a whole, is the examination of the origin of human Christian civilization, the emergence of evil, and how evil forces secure themselves into the world in the first place. The question of why G-d has allowed this evil to emerge and what is G-d's solution, is answered through Milton's similes and references to historical events. For instance, Milton refers to the Biblical event of the Exodus, by describing how multitudes of fallen angels chased the Hebrew children through the Red Sea: "The sojourners of Goshen, who beheld / From the safe shore their floating carcasses / And broken chariot wheels;" (310-11). Besides the "broken chariot wheels;"(311) being another simile to the sheer quantity of the fallen angels, the reference to the event of the Passover suggests that, although G-d has allowed for a certain amount of evil to take place, in the end his omnipotence will ultimately divert Satan and the deception he has devised. Although G-d's actions may seem unjust, He has made provisions for the evil through Christ. The passage within the poem reflects the evil nature of Satan, prior tohis plan to corrupt the innocence of Adam and Eve. To supplement this evil, Milton uses strong language such as "vexed" and "fierce." He uses word combinations to describe the physical and the ethereal. For example, "Perfidious hatred" is used to describe the motivation behind the pursuit of the Hebrew children in the Exodus. By using strong language and similes to nature, Milton has established in his descriptions, an epic tradition.

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Fundamentals of Macroeconomics Paper Essays (862 words)

Fundamentals of Macroeconomics Paper Essays (862 words) Fundamentals of Macroeconomics Paper ECO /372 Sam Pirnazar July 6, 2015 Now a days we know that there are numerous issues that actually affect our economy, things such as gross domestic product (GDP), nominal GDP, real GDP, inflation rate, unemployment rates, and as well as interest rates. Now as we all know all of these area actually can have massive influences over how we purchase groceries, weather there will be a large amounts of layoffs to employees, and even decrease in taxes that year. What is Gross Domestic Products basically its the market value of services and goods that are produced in the country at any given time. Which this is usually considered an indication of the normal living situation within a country. However real GDP measures of the value of economic output that adjust for price changes. While Nominal GDP is a gross domestic product figure that has not been adjusted for inflation. In many way the unemployment rate are usually the measure of the frequency of unemployment and its calculated by dividing the number of people that are unemployed by the percentage of individuals that are actually working. While inflation rate is the percentage rate of change in price levels of over time, usually from one year to the next. Now let us also focus on the interest rate and the rate which interest is paid by a borrower for the use of money that they borrow from a lender. All of these factors are related to our everyday lives and how we manage our money, what we spend our money on, and when we spend our money from simple things like buying groceries, but when you are on a very tight budget as some of us have experienced it can be pretty stressful and of whelming when just last week you were able to buy strawberries and this month they price have went high and its just beyond your budget. You began to see how the cost of groceries affects the government because this is a good way that products are produced and sold within our country; which affects GDP, real GDP, and nominal GDP. Even though we know that this is directly related to consumers spending and in times of a recession consumers pull back on their spending and go into savings mode. When consumers go into savings mode this affect every type of business because production is down and this could cause layoffs. Even though buying groceries can affects households, because thousands of people stru ggle every day to provide for their families and when the cost of goods constantly goes up but wages don't this makes it really difficult to live and to provide for families. As we know massive layoffs affect people's standard of living and that is what the GDP is centered around; having to many layoffs can have a dramatic effect on the unemployment status which causes the economy to have a higher unemployment rate which causes salaries to go down so what their spending is down. Layoffs has a vicious cycle and globally in 2012, 200 million people were without employment and this shows the slowdown in employment growth. Companies were not hiring and people were not spending like they once was Layoffs affected the economy dramatically because it had a huge impact on consumer spending thing about it if no one is buying then production is down and that's how layoffs happen, and this affects households, businesses, and the government itself, personally its like a domino effect when one falls they all fall. Think about it tax decreases can stimulate economic growth because if people are paying less in taxes, and at the end they have more money to spend. It has been proven over the year after year that when taxes decreases it can generate economic growth and federal. If you think about it we all spend more during tax season, because we usually get a good return; since I file as a parent and full-time student with a disable child, qualify for various tax breaks. In so many ways tax decreases can help a business if their taxes are decreased the organization will payout less and have more income. As we compare

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Managing communication,knowledge and information Case Study

Managing communication,knowledge and information - Case Study Example Contrarily informal information has no definite format. It is not structured. Telephone calls, notice boards, memos, notes etc. are most common types of informal information. Knowledge can be stated as the useful insight and wisdom which gets developed from the processed information (Bazerman and Chugh, 2006). Knowledge can be essentially of two important types, namely tactic and explicit. Tactic knowledge is found through the companies own vision, experience, practice, values, thinking and perceptions. While on the other hand explicit knowledge is largely found existing in documents and other recorded forms. It is highly formalized and codified. Such knowledge can be recorded in different artifacts, books, records, patents and database etc. The spiral conversation is a model which interlinks socialization, externalization, combination and internalization. The model states that communication moves from being tactic to explicit and vice-versa in a spiral or revolving form. Hence it is understood that for explicit knowledge to exist, the tactic knowledge must be generated. Similarly, tactic knowledge derives out of explicit knowledge. Classic badges can make use of the system by incorporating a systematic conversation technique which transforms tactic into explicit knowledge and the reverse. In case of Classic badges, for making their business successful, timely information from customers in respect of demand is essential. This would require suitable communication channels which would transmit information within less time. Also, suitable information channels must be established with suppliers of materials (Robbins and Judge, 2013). From the procured information, organizations are required to establish rational connections exercising their skills and understanding and formulate knowledge base which guides in taking crucial decisions. In case of Classic Badges, the timely information in respect to demand and

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Porter and National Competitive Advantage Essay

Porter and National Competitive Advantage - Essay Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that Porter’s National Competitive Advantage theory gives a complicated tool for evaluating competitiveness with every implication. Porter’s theory provides to recognizing the â€Å"competitive advantage of nations† in global production and trade. Its core, on the other hand, concentrates upon individual firms, in which the values of competitive advantage are involved. The concept of competitive strategy and competitiveness comes from the business. Industries compete for resources and markets, measure competitiveness by examination of comparative market shares, growth or innovation and utilize competitiveness policy to progress their market performance. Porter thought the competitiveness of a country depends on four major determinants, they are factor conditions, demand conditions, supporting industries and â€Å"firm strategy, structure, and rivalry†. Although these four determinants affect the continued existence with a competitive advantage in an entire nation, their character states that they are further exact of a particular industry rather than typical of a country. The reason for that in the theory of Porter is that the essential unit of analysis for understanding rivalry is the industry. Factor conditions being the input that affects rivalry in any firm include several broad categories. That includes Human resources, Physical resources, Knowledge resources, Capital resources and Infrastructure resources. Whereas examining these factors as a precondition for building competitive advantage, it is comparatively insignificant to highlight just their involvement in a specific industry. What decides their effect on competitiveness is the quantity of effectiveness and efficiency of the method they are organizing within an industry.

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Hong Kongs Economic and Sustainable Growth Policies

Hong Kongs Economic and Sustainable Growth Policies Chief Executive Office of the Chief Executive Tamar Hong Kong In my capacity as the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, I take pressure to write to you express my views on specific economic policies which are the essential features of Hong Kong’s economic development and the sustainable growth. From that perspective, the Hong Kong Government (HKSAR) should concern various factors within the region, in terms of the introduction of junk food tax, human resources and labour force, international trade and technological forces, environment protection and urban renewal planning etc, which are directly affected the social and economic conditions in Hong Kong. This paper addresses to how the HKSAR to reach this position and how it sustains its comparative advantages in conducting meaningful and purposive economic policies in short, medium and long-term over the next five years.. Short-term goal: The introduction of junk food tax The Chamber suggests the introduction of junk food tax on fattening foods or beverages by the HKSAR. According to the 2012 Behavioural Risk Factor Survey (2012), it revealed that 36.6% of the Hong Kong population aged 18 64 was classified as overweight. Therefore, Junk food tax refers to a tax placed upon fattening foods or beverages on attempt to reduce saturated fat consumption, from December 2011 to November 2012 Denmark introduced It is generating support in America, a country with rising obesity rates. Hong Kong has a simple, predictable and low tax system. Medium-term goal:- Human resources and labour force As recently the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom report has mentioned that Hong Kong is rated as the freest economy in the world (Opulentus Overseas Careers Pvt Ltd 2015). The Chamber suggests the adoption of women workers that promotes a balanced and gender equality in our local labour market. Although some commented that the roles of women should be stayed at home to look after the children, it is even less true in the modern society. This is because the aging population and the low fertility rate will give rise to a population deficit, it leads the government encourage more women back to labour market (China Economic Net 2013). As of the latest government edition of â€Å"Women and Men in Hong Kong – key statistics† showed that there was shortage of men in Hong Kong. It represents there are only 864 men for every 1,000 women (The Census and Statistics Department 2014). In order to develop women’s employment opportunities, the HKSAR may consider encouraging women to return to work by providing additional employment training and tools, for example, on-the- job training. Moreover, it would be good to introduce whole-day child care services and after-school care service which could eliminate the concern of working women for the well-being of their families. I believe such approaches are favourable to Hong Kong’s economic growth and beneficial to economic production. This help to increasing the supply of labour and will raise labour productivity in medium-term. Medium-term goal: International trade and technological forces Following to the open door policy, Hong Kong is now a major trade and financial centre where depends heavily on trade. Nevertheless, many countries now regard Hong Kong as a developed economy and exclude its products from preferential export treatment, such as subject to quota requirements and suffer higher tariff rates (Augustine 2003, pp. 93-5). To tackle the trade restriction, the HKSAR should appeal to the World Trade Organization through international negotiation with foreign countries which able to promote the growth of industries and conduct the international trade relationships. On the other hand, we recognise that developing a global network may also create a new global economy powered. With the rapid shopping online nowadays, the use and integration of information and communication technologies in business has revolutionized relationships within organizations and those between individuals and organizations (Totonchi Kakamanshadi 2011, p. 270). Therefore, the HKSAR should bring about investment in technology innovation to enable cross-border trading activity without the constraints of business location, scale and time zone. It probably would imitate the shopping engine, like Tobo in China which has increased its e-commerce offerings, makes online shopping easier and more efficient. This strategy allows Hong Kong to maintain substantial economy growth with the increased logistics demand and will bring in new revenue to the industry. Long-term goal:- Environment protection Increasingly, global warning, holes in the ozone layer and population growth etc, are some of the major problems facing in our city. These caused adverse effects of our health and the image of the city. Responses to these problems seem likely to be driven by government. It is suggested that the HKSAR re-examine our environmental protection policies with the implementation of new sustainability policies to ensure Hong Kong people are in full awareness of environment protection and conservation. For example, a move by government to encourage the use of alternative sources of energy such as solar energy that is advocated energy saving living. We are also highly recommended the HKSAR tend to plant as much as trees not only in our country parks, but also along the roadside and around the schools. This is because tree plantation in our community is to help offset the emission of carbon dioxide and stop the global warming. As a result, the standard of living will be increased and we will become healthier that enriched the life of Hong Kong people to future generation. Our economy will also grow and benefit from spending less on healthcare and increasing of the labour productivity. Long-term goal:- Urban renewal planning It is no doubt that the land in Hong Kong is always a highly scare resource. In view of this, the HKSAR should take an active role in maximum the utilization of the scare urban land. The Chamber suggests that undertaking high-density development as well as builds more public rental housing onto the housing market in the next five years. For example, the HKSAR could probably redevelop the old public housing estates to improve the quality of urban living and increase in housing supply. Effective land uses from high –density living will provide support to the HKSAR’s long-term housing policy. Subject to the high-density building development, it is not only helps provide scale economies, but also allows Hong Kong residents more likely to be affordable. These are also ideal help to reduce the pressure to develop open spaces and release more lands for social infrastructure and services. In the longer-term perspective, it is therefore to support economic stability and prosperity which is to meet the market demand. Many countries embarked as rebuilding efforts, characterized by demolition of old dilapidated areas, large-scale clearance of city slums and construction of modern high-rises after the war. Large-scale redevelopment created many social problemsand encouraged many city planners and scholars to question its effects and functionalities. Indeed, large scale renewal and redevelopment efforts have been criticized for neglecting the complexities of the urban fabric; it is not only uneconomical but also damages the city’s heritage and degrades various socio-environmental qualities. it would be good to introduce more specific incentives for women in the older age groups to upgrade their skills and knowledge Our economy will grow and benefit from these changing demographics if businesses commit toOpulentus Overseas Careers Pvt Ltd The Government welcomes more concerted efforts to build a more caring, compassionate and harmonious society. It is therefore most encouraging to note the growing interest of the business sector and the more affluent members of our community in poverty alleviation. We stand ready to work hand in hand with all sectors to improve the well-being of the disadvantaged and light up their lives with hope and dignity. Reference List A. J. Youngson. 2014, Hong Kong: Economic Growth and Policy, Journal of Asian Studies, vol. 43, no.4, pp. 754-755. Augustine W.S. Li 2003, Introductory Economics 4, Longman Hong Kong Education., Hong Kong. China Economic Net 2013, HK seeks women workers as aging population looms, viewed 21 January 2015,>. Christopher, S 2011, Hong Kong’s Expanding Obesity Problem, Journal of the Wall Street, viewed 24 January 2015,>. Edward. NG 2010, Designing high-density cities, Earthscan, New York. Fifarek, B. Veloso, F. 2010, Offshoring and the global geography of innovation, Journal of Economic Geography, vol. 10, pp. 559-78. Opulentus Overseas Careers Pvt Ltd 2015, The Freest Economy In The World Hong Kong, viewed 21 January 2015,>. The Census and Statistics Department 2014, Women and Men in Hong Kong – key statistics, 2014 edition, Hong Kong. The Department of Health 2012, Obesity, viewed 23 January 2015,>. Totonchi, J. Kakamanshadi, G. 2011, Globalisation and e-commerce, 2nd International Conference on Networking and Information Technology, IACSIT Press, Singapore.

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Essay --

The sun was beaming on a hot afternoon in July of 2017. We were almost to the finish line. It was hard to believe we had started the race about 10 hours earlier. by pedaling until our legs felt like they were about to fall off, by drinking water like we had been in the desert for weeks, and by believing that we could make it to the end, Alex and I made it, to my Ithaca, Portland Oregon. My odyssey was a tough one, not only the 200 mile race, but also the decisions we had to make on our way up the the race. My family and I had just spent the week in Portland, and we were headed home. When out of nowhere I saw a big group of cyclers going down the opposite side of the freeway, â€Å"What are they doing?† I asked my older brother. â€Å"Is that Seattle to Portland?† he asked my dad, and my dad said â€Å"yes†. I found the very interesting so I just had to tell my best friend Alex, who is equal to Hermes from the odyssey, his encouragement being my molu flower. He said he had heard about it before, after talking about this for countless minutes, but we set a goal to participate in the race before we went off to college in 2017. After a few days we realized that we wouldn’t stand a chance at finishing that race without practicing. We decided starting in the spring of seventh grade, every time one of us would go to the others house, we would bike there. Eventually we noticed that even that wouldn’t cut it. We assured ourselves that every week we would bike somewhere, and then the next week we would bike a little further, and further. Until we thought we had reached our preferred distance. We started off by biking to 7/eleven which is about one or two miles away, we struggled at first, but after biking there a few times we got the hang of it. B... ...ints knowing that we had the resources to make it for a while without a major break. we passed an abundance of the other bikers, but After mille 100 I was getting really exhausted, and every chance I got I would try to convince Alex to take a break, but I knew that if we took too many I would lose faith of getting to the finish line in Portland my Ithaca, which was only 100 miles away, but a simple thing could stop me from getting there. Alex and I were only about a minute away from the finish line, we heard the cheering of the people waiting at the finish line, then it happened, both of us crossed the finish line, beating the other contestants like Odysseus beat the Suitors. We had completed our journey, where we drank all our water, where we battled the thought of giving up, and where we witnessed amazing scenery, and we had just made it to Portland, my Ithaca.

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Fame and Celebrities: The Relation

I think Steve Jobs is a great example of someone who has fame but is not a celebrity. In the essay Epstein asserts how fame is something one earns through achievements and talents while celebrity does not require talent or achievement at all. Epstein uses Ted Williams as an example of fame because † he wished to be famous but had no interest in being a celebrity. † Ted Williams wanted to be known for being â€Å"the greatest pure hitter who ever lived,† he cared more about how he performed on the field rather than signing autographs and making himself look good to others.Although not as famous as a baseball player, Just like Ted Williams a great example of someone who has fame Is Steve Jobs. Mostly everyone knows Steve Jobs as the Apple guy and for the great products he has made, these products not only has gave him success but also gave him fame. Unlike most people who are famous Steve Jobs is not a celebrity, he became famous for his Innovative Intelligence in cr eating computers and gadgets that most people In today's society need.Steve was not In It to be a celebrity, Just Like Ted Williams, he wanted to be known for his reactions and for his achievements, he focused more Into making each product a little better than the previous to please his consumers rather than making them to be known for it. I think It Is Important to recognize or seek fame rather than seek being a celebrity because as said by Epstein, fame Is earned for achieving something or being highly talented at something one does. While you can be a celebrity for doing nothing, for example being passed down by generation Like If your parents are celebrates you are more likely to be a celebrity.People should care more for people who are talented and achieve something rather than worship someone for being rich Just Like most celebrities out there. Fame and Celebrities: The Relation By habiting example of someone who has fame is Steve Jobs. Mostly everyone knows Steve Jobs has gav e him success but also gave him fame. Unlike most people who are famous Steve Jobs is not a celebrity, he became famous for his innovative intelligence in creating computers and gadgets that most people in today's society need.Steve was not in it to be a celebrity, Just like Ted Williams, he wanted to be known for his creations and for his achievements, he focused more into making each product a I think it is important to recognize or seek fame rather than seek being a celebrity because as said by Epstein, fame is earned for achieving something or being highly example being passed down by generation like if your parents are celebrities you are and achieve something rather than worship someone for being rich Just like most